Handy Discloses How to Reinvent Your Career Path Post-Pandemic


According to Handy, most people find it difficult to change their careers, especially when they have worked at a job for many years. Unfortunately, COVID-19 has forced thousands of people to shift their careers in a new direction due to unemployment. Fortunately, with the correct knowledge and skills, it becomes easier to find a good job.

Tips & Tricks

Here are few tips you may follow to reinvent your career path post-pandemic:

1. Recognize your skills – No matter what you do, you must have some skills that are helpful to people. Thus, you must figure out what you are really good at and figure out a way to market it to get a new job or start a new business. If you already have an idea of what you want to do but don’t have the correct skills yet, you must educate yourself and improve your technical expertise.

Fortunately, it is easy to learn new skills such as graphics designing, video editing, coding, and more by joining online courses. Plus, it’s convenient as well.

2. Figure out your passion – Since you have to start from scratch, why not do something that interests you? Do you love to draw, sing, cook, dance, or just chat with people? No matter what your passion is, you can find a way to turn it profitable if you are good at what you do and figure out a way to attract people who would benefit from your skills. Once you figure out your passion, it is necessary to spot opportunities. Thus, you have to search for jobs related to your passion on online job portals, newspapers, magazines, etc.

3. Start a business – Alternatively, you can start your own business. For instance, you may start a YouTube Vlog channel if you love video editing and interacting with people online, an affiliate website or blog if you love to write and review products, a voice-over artist if you love to speak.

Just be sure to create a business plan and learn all the legal requirements of setting up a new company. Also, it is important to secure some funds if you want to start a business.

4. Start freelancing – If you are confident about your skills, you may register on freelancing sites such as Fiverr and Upwork to start earning money. Each Gig may earn you as little as $5 but there is good potential to scale your income once you find good clients that order your services regularly. There are tons of categories where you can offer your services including content writing, digital marketing, logo creation, video creation, and more.

5. Build your personal brand – Whether you want to become a freelancer or start a new business, it is important to create a good personal brand to attract more clients and create a positive image of yourself. Thus, you should pay attention to your personal brand by achieving high-quality reviews, customer testimonials, and creating high-quality logos, text, and images related to your business and work. It is also important to create business profiles on social media platforms to interact with your customers, solve queries, and more.


Handy suggests you not to worry too much and follow the tips stated above to start a new career. It may take some time to get used to the new workflow but with time, everything would get better.