Drop-Shipping Pitfalls to Avoid

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New business owners should focus on providing reliable, quick, and safe service to customers. This will help them build up a good online reputation and get them more orders, whether from existing customers or new ones.

Drop shipping has become a popular business 미국배송대행 model thanks to the ease and accessibility of online transactions. It is when a seller takes orders online and passes them on to the manufacturer or wholesale supplier. The supplier or the online drop shippers then ship the product to the customer and bill the seller.

The seller obtains the product at wholesale rates and sells them at market value. This is their profit.

Why do sellers prefer this arrangement over the traditional ways of buying and selling wholesale products? Here’s why.



• You do not need to store inventory, which reduces risks like overstocking, unavailability of product due to understocking, losses from unsold stocks, damage to stored items, and so on. You do not need to hire warehouses to stock items, and you do not have to handle shipping or packaging. Start-up costs are low because the seller does not need to store inventory.

• You do not have to track shipments. Also, the seller does not have to take the trouble of packaging products and shipping them to customers.

• You can sell as many types of the products as you like, because you are not bound by an inventory.

For all of its advantages, drop shipping can turn into a bad experience if you do not deal with certain issues before starting your business.


Finding wholesalers is key to a successful business. Online drop shippers should be investigated before using them, as fraud is common. Watch out for these signs of drop shipping fraud:

• Fees To Supply Your Customers With Product: Genuine drop shippers do not ask for any fees. The only payments you make are the product and shipping costs.

• Little-Known Shipping Companies: You need reputable couriers who will handle the consignment in a professional manner and assure timely delivery. The seller may lose its reputation if the products arrive at the customer’s doorstep in a poor state. Use the well-known delivery companies, and resist the temptation to go with the supplier who uses an unknown, inexpensive shipping company. If sending lighter mails by mail, consider plant verified drop shipping as a method to reduce postage.