How to get started and start winning at sbobet betting


You will need to choose a sport and a book that allows you to place your bets.

Picking a wager outlet was a difficult task. Your betting options were limited to the capabilities of a single “bookie” or “bookmaker.” This limited choice sbobetasia resulted not only in odds against the bettor but also a persistent fear about payouts.

Sports betting has become more popular and accepted. This allowed sportsbooks to move beyond their “bookie” counterparts into the digital age. Online sportsbooks have the safety of being a large business, which ensures the best benefits for all bettors.

In exchange for a 10% commission, sportsbooks will accept your bets. This is also called the “juice”, “vig,” or simply “vigorish”. The sportsbooks don’t care about who you bet on. They simply take half their bets and pay 10% commission.

Place bets on almost any sport that interests you. These online giants offer coverage for all sports, including boxing, basketball, baseball, and football for college and professional events.

You should always ensure that you comply with all local laws regarding placing wagers.


Many new sports bettors don’t think about how to manage their money. They just pick a random bet size and go. This strategy, or lack thereof, is extremely risky. It is always better to consider your bankroll before placing a bet. Learn more about managing your bankroll.


Do you expect to win every bet. No. But what are you really expecting to win? It might surprise you to learn that only 60% of the top professionals in the industry achieve 60%. On a long-term basis, most achieve 55%-59%. Don’t let this discourage you. Profitable is anything higher than 52.38%, and 55%-59% are very profitable.

It is important to realize that you should not expect to win immediately. A disciplined approach over a prolonged period of time is key to success for sports betting. You are doomed to disappointment if you try to double your winnings in a weekend.