In And Around Guilin And Yangshuo-The China Backpackers Haven

Guilin is the perfect getaway for nature lovers who want to escape from the noisy and bustling cities to explore one of China’s most beautiful cities. Considered as the pearl which showcases China’s scenic beauty, Guilin cannot be compared to other cities because it is a complete destination with everything a tourist wants to see from green mountains and plateaus, to crystal clear waters, unique caves and magnificent landscape.

Being that Guilin is a well developed tourist center with convenient forms of transportation, the most common tourist activity in Guilin is moving around through the hills and plains appreciating the beauty of this countryside. During the peak tourist seasons, the climate of Guilin is usually around 20°C and 30°C which allows for a perfect weather for sightseeing.
As soon as you arrive in Guilin, the first attraction to see is the Elephant Trunk Hill and the Water Moon Cave. The Elephant Trunk Hill is a hill which looks like an elephant drinking water at the confluence of the Taohua River and Lijiang River. In between the trunk and its body is the Water Moon Cave which creates a beautiful scene especially at clear nights. Going halfway down the hill is another cave where sopranos are heard singing at the top of their voices entertaining the tourists and visitors.

The Reed Flute Caves are impressive limestone caves with stalactites and stalagmites with exotic lighting and flashing names. The rock formations here are given these names based from the stories of their formations and the kind of sceneries the illumination creates.
The Li River is one of the major highlight which has added more to the beauty of Guilin. The flow of this river is the centerpiece of any trip to northeastern Guangxi province as its crystal clear waters flow through karsts peaks and old villages showcasing the typical Chinese peasant’s lifestyle. There are also china Backpacks quite a lot of activities which take place on the Li River: this includes the Li River cruise which is good for travelers who want to have a quiet cruise along the river enjoying the fresh air of the natural green landscape. Boat tours and rafting is also popular on the Li River for backpackers going to Yangshuo.

Other famous tourist attractions in Guilin are the Pagoda Hill, the Solitary beauty Hill, water buffalos and the local fishermen.
As you move further along the Li River, you will find yourself in the backpackers’ capital of the world – Yangshuo. Its magnificently formed landscape with the blend of rich cultural history is what makes Yangshuo a backpacker’s haven. West Street is a small town in this place which was converted from a local village into a western community filled with coffee shops, small gift shops, hotels and bars. Tourists who visit Yangshuo engage in all forms of hiking, rafting, rock climbing, bike tours and general exploring. A one hour bamboo raft trip along the river allows you to see heavenly sceneries which make you feel like you are in paradise. The sceneries are so captivating that you find yourself taking pictures continuously.

An interesting activity which many people love to take part in is the mud bath located in the water cave. The entrance to this cave is so small and dark that only small lights are available to light the pathways. Upon entering the cave, you come across the ever anticipating mud pool which many tourists look forward to swimming in. It is said that taking a mud bath in the pool leaves you refreshed and clean making it some form of spiritual and cleansing therapy.