Online Games at the Office

Playing Online Games at the Office is a great way to make workdays more enjoyable. Try Coworker Feud, Water Cooler Trivia, or Virtual Jeoparty Social. You can even play games at a virtual arcade to win prizes. No matter what your office’s rules are, there’s bound to be an online game that will make it more interesting for you and your colleagues.

Call of the Champions

When you want to play Call of the Champions online games at the office, you have a couple options. You can choose a standalone session to get everyone involved or add a one-minute session to your next meeting. You can also choose a team activity such as the virtual dance party.

Unlike other MMOs, you can play the game on your computer. The game is free to play, so there’s no need to buy an expensive copy. The best thing to do is play a demo version to see how much you enjoy it.

Tabletop Simulator

The Tabletop Simulator is an online gaming platform that resembles the experience of playing a board game. The app features a range of pre-made games as well as the ability to import your own game assets. The game pieces behave realistically and can be scripted. You can even play with up to ten players at once.

The Tabletop Simulator comes with 15 classic games to choose from. It also supports thousands of community-created content. There are custom tilesets and furniture, animated figurines, slot demo and more. It also comes with several other features, including the ability to create your own tabletop.


Werewolf is a great team-building game. It involves deception and requires teamwork. Moreover, it requires intimate knowledge of each other’s traits. This team-building game is perfect for a work environment and helps colleagues bond. The game can be played on both PCs and mobile devices, and Brightful hosts several Werewolf games for teams to enjoy together.

The game has a night and day phase. At night, certain players perform special actions in secret to eliminate one innocent player. During the day, players can perform normal tasks. They can also seek aid from medics and seers. The game continues until all the werewolves have been eliminated, or until the number of innocents is equal. The game can also be played without a deck of cards – players can simply use strips of paper and draw cards from a hat.