Play Snooker Online

The game of snooker is quite similar to pool or billiards as this will also require you to have cue sticks, balls and table. Snooker has come into the picture in the 19th century and is even older than Billiards according to a lot of experts. In this game, you will need to hit the 24 balls in top of the table with a cue or stick so that they will go in the 6 pockets of the table. The game is quite popular in the Great Britain and a lot are into this activity during their free time. In this hobby, you will need various tools and World snooker championship prize money  accessories so that you will be able to play the game well such as the table, stick, balls and a lot more. Having these tools and equipment means that you will also do your best in keeping them in good state and condition all the time. The snooker pool cue tips that you have must be maintained. To do it might be a challenge at first. But you have to remember that there are a lot of tips that can surely guide you. There are some considerations that you need to make all the time.


The cue that you use in snooker is made of laminated wood commonly. This makes it feel light as you lift or carry the cue. You have to know that this cylindrical thing can have a length of 5 or more feet. Well, it depends on what you prefer and where you are comfortable with. The cue is made of wood and is quite slimmer and thinner than the cues being used in billiards or pool. The tip can be glued or screwed in. it depends mainly on the manufacturer of the tool.


You need to learn on how to properly take good care of the stick that you use in snooker. Since the stick is made of wood most of the time, this means that it is not free of any cracks. To avoid it, you will have to let it stand against the wall. Do not ever lean on the stick as it may break. You also need to avoid banking the butt are on the ground. This will just crack the stick. When you hear a cracking sound as you hit the ball, this just means that the stick is already damaged.


As much as possible, you need to do your best in keeping the snooker cues in good condition. Clean them from time to time and do not forget to apply some polish. You need to know that you can always use a steel wool if there are rough surfaces. Just make sure that you apply it evenly.