Tips to making her feel amazing in bed

Majority of the people do not like to experiment in the bedroom and tend to stick to the regular boring routine. Women’s pleasure is not something people talk about in our culture. Women themselves have very little idea about what they like on the bed. For some, it’s mostly about their partners. However, sex is something in which both the partners should feel good. It’s like teamwork but between you two only. Sex education for adultsis not a very common thing in our society, people just assume what their women or partner would like in bed based on what they have heard or seen. This is why we have jot down some points that can help you make her feel amazing in bed-

  • Explore her body- First things first, caress her whole body. Explore different parts of her. Keep in mind, it’s not only about the deed, but how you make her feel. Some of the most erogenous zones of a female body include ears, neck, waist, belly, thighs, shoulders, inner arms, hips, back, etc. Switch between the speed and pressure. Some women like slow or light touches, whereas this may not be the case for others. Once you have found out the perfect zones, ask her how she likes it. Demand her cues and follow the lead.
  • Do not forget the clit- Did you know, clit is the powerhouse of pleasure and it contains 8,000 nerve endings. Clit stimulation can help her orgasm quickly. However, it’s different for every woman. There are women who just need clitoral stimulation to feel good whereas others might not like it that much. One of the most effectivefirst time sex tipswould be to stimulate the area and not press it or put pressure on clit. It can be very annoying and can turn her off instantly.
  • Do it for her- Make sure that she feels that you are doing it for her. Try to touch her whole body with firm strokes. Try to establish a deeper connection. Give her the time to relax. Let her know that she doesn’t have to do it for you and it’s entirely for her. Make sure that she enjoys it to the fullest without having to worry about anything else. It would all be a waste and the orgasm would have no meaning if she does not feel the connection with you. It applies both ways.
  • Experiment with toys- Understand that it might be a bit intimidating for her at first. It’s totally her call if she wants to include toys in the session. Let her take her sweet time. Sex toys can help her orgasm in a better manner and quickly. This can also spice up the heat between you two. Sex toys are a great way for a woman to open up sexually. Even if she does not have an orgasm, the idea of extended pleasure is worth it. In either case, it’s a win-win situation.


The most effective way in making her feel amazing would be through communication. Ask for her feedback and desires and do exactly how she guides you. This is a sure way to win her in bed.